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Got a Kitten

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 11, 2013, 8:42 PM

Sorry for the MIA, so much has happened to me and my family lately. Feels like I have to apologize every time for being MIA. Technically, I have been pretty active on dA but through my :iconstalkingxyou: account. Posted up a bunch of photography and stuff. Getting better on editing pictures and what not.

I also adopted a kitten from the Anti-Cruelty Society this January. Her name is Scarlet and she just turned 6 months old. Here are some of her pictures. Check out my blog entry for more pictures if her and a detailed explanation for one of the reasons why I have been MIA during the being of this year.

Thanks everyone for staying by me for so long. Promise to post up some new artwork soon. In the mean time, check out my photography account on dA. Posted some photos of Scarlet there too. Gonna have some buildings and location shots next.

Been keeping myself busy with writing lately. Doing a sitcom with a friend who is in the business. He even found a director who might sponsor it. Let's hope it's successful. And I have continued working on my comic. Keep you updated!

Also, side note. The other day, I had to look up videos of Jason Isaacs to remind myself why I love him so much. :iconorzplz: He is super awesome. Wonder what he is working on now. Only mentioning this because I'm back on tumblr-ish and I'm reading HP fanfics again. Can't find any real good ones though. I would ask for recommendations but I have become jaded and picky. Cat pics:

Warhol Cat by stalkingxyou Summer Secret by stalkingxyouNonchalant by stalkingxyou

RIP to grandma and Roger Ebert.

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  • Watching: RuPaul Drag Race season 5
  • Playing: with Scarlet
  • Eating: chicken wings


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United States
Born as a Chicagoan, I embraced this part of my identity. Although my subject matter can be somewhat strange at times, being raised in an urban environment has greatly impacted the style of my art. Growing up in such a big city, I had always been engulfed by a world full of lights. Despite the light pollution and the inability to see stars in the night sky, I find comfort to be enclosed by this manufactured surrounding.

Aside from humor, depressing and unusual (of the otherworldly nature) stories entice me. I want to depict them in a way that will emphasis the stranger aspects, causing the viewer to be mesmerized by the beauty of the image and take hold of other emotions beside sadness. Many of my influences derived from the Eastern culture. I value the importance of staying connected to my roots and the rich history it possess.

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After leaving the public library one Saturday afternoon you make your way home and take the bridge that’s a short cut to your house. As you’re about to enter bridge you are stopped dead in your tracks when you see two large claw like hands that grab on to the railing guard of the bridge. Soon a behemoth creature lifts its self onto the bridge. It was as tall as a house, its wings black and large enough to block out the sky. Its skin was made of molten rock and partial fire but its face was ghastly. It had two giant horns sticking out of its head and teeth that looked like they were for crushing rather then smiling. Its bellow scares you nearly half to death. You try to move, you try and call for help but the fear freezes your voice and entire body. Then a warm hand touches your shoulder. You look to catch a glimpse of an old man with a long beard, a pointy hat, a robe and staff. “Step back” he says to you and you fall back with astonishment as to what’s going on. The old man stands in front of the behemoth. “YOU CANNOT PASS!” yells the old man as he lifts his hands into the air with one hand holding a staff “I AM THE SERVENT OF THE SECRET FIRE!” yells the old man as an aura of light begins to surround his body like a sphere. The behemoth summons a gargantuan blade in one hand made of black and blue flames. “I AM THE WEILDER OF THE FLAME OF ANOR!” yelled the old man as the behemoths blade came crashing down on the old man but his sphere of light shattered it and in the process knocked his pointy hat off “THE DARK FIRE WILL NOT AVIL YOU, GO BACK TO THE SHADOW!” yelled the old man but the behemoth now summoned a three tailed whip in one hand that crackled like thunder when it whipped it around. The behemoth attempted to step forward but the old man took his staff by two hands and lifted it higher into the air and yelled “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” he brought his staff down so hard that the ground around you shook and bridge began to give under the behemoth and it plummeted to its doom. The old man exhausted turns to you but suddenly the behemoths whip grabs hold of his ankle; tugs him back then the whip lets go and causes the old man to stagger back, dropping his staff and falls. You get up and run to him thinking he’s fallen but you see he’s holding onto a bent metal railing. You try and reach down for him to take your hand but he doesn’t take your hand but rather looks up at you and says “I must thank you on behalf of Mobis-New-Nest for having faved a piece in his gallery, now FLY YOU FOOL!” with his last words he lets go of the railing and falls into the dark abyss. You scream out to him but with a single blink of an eye the darkness takes him from you.
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I wish I can like comments on dA because I really like this one.
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